Victor Johnson


Personal Projects


Angular, Electron

Medley is a note taking application using markdown for document formatting. It also supports a tag based system rather than folders for more dynaimc note organization.

Up Next - Event Countdown


Published on the Apple App Store, Up Next - Event Countdown is and iOS app providing the ability to count down the days, weeks, months, and years until all of your important events, receiving alerts all along the way.

SFMF (Superflight Modding Framework)

C#, WPF, Unity

Inspired by @Plarfl’s implementation, SFMF is a desktop application for installing and managing mods for the game Superflight.

Superflight Mods

C#, Unity

A collection of mods written for the game Superflight. A few interesting mods in this collection include Slow Motion, Jetpack, and Trails.

Whiff Bot Discord

JavaScript, Node.js

Whiff Bot is a discord bot intended to introduce some useful utilities to Discord. These utilities include die rolling, straw drawing, random team assignment, and a handful of administrative functions.


Python, Pillow

Pxl is a Python utility that pixelates an image in such a way that it looks like pixel art rather than just a pixelated image.



Over the last ~7 years, I’ve been slowly perfecting my ideal terminal environment. It’s got everything - a friendly greeting, a custom prompt with useful/fun information, a suite of custom aliases and functions, and quite a bit more.