Victor Johnson


Hello World :)

Hi there, I’m Vic

I’m a software engineer based out of Louisville, KY. My primary focus has been in the web world working on Angular applications and the backend APIs to support them. I’ve also dabbled a little bit in the development of iOS apps, desktop apps, video games, and embedded systems. In general though, I just enjoy writing software. I’m eager to shift disciplines and expand my knowledge where I can. Feel free to browse some of my favorite projects for more specific details.

Beyond software


As one of the most recent hobbies I’ve picked up, woodworking is also one that I’m least experienced in. Starting with youtube videos and a basic set of tools I started making cutting boards for myself, friends, and family. As I improved and built up my collection of tools I’ve started venturing into more significant projects. I’m always excited to show off the entertainment stand and floor standing speakers I made.

Rock climbing

I started bouldering back when I lived in Salt Lake City and have kept at it since then. I’ve found it to be an extremely rewarding form of exercise. So far I’ve managed to top a handful of V7s.


Golf has been a lifelong passion of mine. I’ve been through the somewhat competitive stage during highschool, but now choose to keep it casual. Once upon a time (when I was able to practice all day every day) I managed a few rounds in the 60s - a feat I’m proud of to this day.

Playing video games

If I’m not out and about, I’m usually relaxing with friends playing some games. My most played games are Rocket League and Valorant, but I also thoroughly enjoy playing through puzzle games and other single player games.